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Acoustic Treatment Panels

Our carefully engineered range of Cinema acoustic treatment panels combines elegant aesthetics with excellent frequency absorption to improve the audio integrity, intelligibility, performance and dynamics of any room. Available in a variety of finishes and fabrics to satisfy any Interior Designer they are supplied with easy install fitting kit and instructions and will provide years of enhanced listening pleasure.

Why use Eclipse?

You're excited. You've invested 1000's of hard earned cash kitting out your Home Theatre with the best Surround Sound system you can afford, you're sitting comfortably as the movie starts and you can't wait to hear it.

But hold on, the dialogue is muddy, the bass is all over the place and there's a strange echo that makes you feel that you're standing in the middle of Wembley Stadium. What's wrong?

Audio professionals know that a room with 'naked' walls will cause the sound waves to bounce around the space, reflecting off the walls and reaching the listener's ears at different time intervals. This causes bass notes to sound muddy, too loud or too quiet, a lack of focus in mids and highs and vague stereo imaging where it becomes difficult to tell where the sound is supposed to be coming from.

Developed by a team of experts responsible for the acoustic design and construction of hundreds of commercial recording studios, this new range of acoustic treatment panels control unwanted sound reflections, dramatically improving the sound of your home theatre / room, resulting in a more pleasurable listening and viewing experience.

    Eclipse Faux Suede Wrapped Panels

    With an attractive suede fabric finish and bevelled edges, these elegant acoustic panels are available in range of colours to match your decor and measure 600 x 900 x 25mm.

    • Dimensions: 600 x 900 x 25mm
    • Construction: High Density Fibre Glass Core
    • Covering: High Class Faux Suede
    • Fire Rating: Class 1

    Eclipse Vintage Panels

    Revisiting the look of 1960's guitar amplifiers, our Vintage panels offer a 'retro-look' alternative. Available in a range of cloths and constructed using a fibreglass core with a Class 1 fire rating.

    • Dimensions: 600 x 900 x 25mm
    • Construction: High Density Fibre Glass Core
    • Covering: Vintage speaker Cabinet Cloth Options
    • Fire Rating: Class 1

    Lunar Fabric Panels

    Measuring 1200 x 600 x 50mm and covered in Camira Cara or Camira Lucia fabrics, these high-density foam filled panels offer excellent acoustic properties with a UL94 HF1 fire rating.

    • Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 50mm
    • Construction: High Density Acoustic Foam
    • Fire Rating: Class 1 - UL94 HF1

    Eclipse Bass Trap

    Doing an essential job and offering a striking contemporary design, Eclipse Bass Traps are manufactured from high density fire retardant polyester foam and covered in a choice of suede fabrics.

    • Dimensions: 600H x 393W x 300D
    • Construction: High Density Acoustic Foam with Fibre Glass Core bevelled Front
    • Covering:High Class Faux Suede
    • Fire Rating: UL94 HF1